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Reviews for Sell Chiropractic

What New Patients are saying about Sell Chiropractic…

Communication to patient by Doctor and staff alike is fantastic. It is an office unlike any other that I have experienced. Excellent!!
~Paul F.P. (Nov 14/17)

It’s my first and excellent experience in chiropractic office. Dr. Sell is very professional and helpful. His staff is very friendly and nice. I strained my back so badly that I couldn’t walk. I called the office and they took me same day. Just in 3-4 days I was able to walk and stay straight and in couple other days to go to work and walk by the stairs. Now my mom is going to Dr. Sell and looks like soon all my family will be there. They have great family discounts and they are taking really good care of their patients.
~Lyudmyla P. (May 9/17)

Due to lots of moving, my family and I have been treated by 7-8 chiropractors. Dr. Sell stands out as the most competent, effective, and patient-focused healer of the lot. His staff are warm, welcoming, and friendly individuals. We gladly make the 45-minute trip to Sell Chiropractic for our adjustments, and recommend this office highly. Thank you, Doc!
~Maria M. (October 2/16)

All are warm and friendly.
~Judy M. (June 14/16)

Such a positive experience, I am extremely thankful and hopeful. Dr. Sell and the staff are just wonderful. So happy I am here.
~Claire K. (May 12/16)

It’s hard to find a passionate individual with such a professional demeanor in what do and study and for that you know your in great hands very knowledgeable man willing to share to its awesome.
~Eric K. (May 11/16)

Dr. Sell and the staff made me feel like I was the only patient in the office. The process was quick and easy, a true worry free zone.
~Edgardo A. (August 22/15)

What a beautiful setting and a professional staff. I would refer anyone to your office.
~Jo Ann H. (April 26/15)

It is always comforting to walk into your office and see you all ready to help me get through the week. If anyone has any doubt as to how chiropractic can help with any specific disorder, go to and read a book called “Today’s Health Alternative”. Backed up by pages of research, take a look at the comprehensive index where it lists myriads of painful conditions — the cause of which can be corrected by means of proper adjustments — especially Dr. Sells adjustments. Thank you for always being there.
~Raquel M. (February 19/15)

Great doctor and staff.
~Scott B. (November 21/14)

I am very pleased overall, with the staff on board and Dr. Sell. They are very helpful, and so far its my third day and I can say that I am very happy.
~Stephanie B. (Aug 19/14)

I love all the education you all provide.
~Christina C. (Dec 24/13)

Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Initially, I was skeptical as to whether or not my pain could be resolved. After a few visits, I am feeling optimistic!
~Mary Jean C. (Dec 11 /13)

I chose this practice because of the promotion of total wellness. It’s the total package. No one rushes you and they work with your schedule. I leave with no unanswered questions. Looking forward to my continued progress!
~Michael T. (Oct 31/13)

Top notch operation. I highly recommend Dr. Sell to all my family and friends.
~Chris F. (Aug 22/13)

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