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Reviews for Sell Chiropractic

What New Patients are saying about Sell Chiropractic…

It’s hard to find a passionate individual with such a professional demeanor in what do and study and for that you know your in great hands very knowledgeable man willing to share to its awesome.
~Eric K. (May ’16)

Dr. Sell and the staff made me feel like I was the only patient in the office. The process was quick and easy, a true worry free zone.
~Edgardo A. (August ’15)

What a beautiful setting and a professional staff. I would refer anyone to your office.
~Jo Ann H. (April ’15)

It is always comforting to walk into your office and see you all ready to help me get through the week. If anyone has any doubt as to how chiropractic can help with any specific disorder, go to and read a book called “Today’s Health Alternative”. Backed up by pages of research, take a look at the comprehensive index where it lists myriads of painful conditions — the cause of which can be corrected by means of proper adjustments — especially Dr. Sells adjustments. Thank you for always being there.
~Raquel M. (February ’15)

Great doctor and staff.
~Scott B. (November ’14)

I am very pleased overall, with the staff on board and Dr. Sell. They are very helpful, and so far its my third day and I can say that I am very happy.
~Stephanie B. (Aug ’14)

I love all the education you all provide.
~Christina C. (Dec ’13)

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